Antennas and Wave Propagation

WS 2003 / 2004

Vorlesung mit integrierten Übungsanteilen / 3 SWS

This lecture is presented in English to make the audience familiar with and to exercise the relevant use of worldwide applied English technical working language. This includes, of course, a benefit to graduate students from foreign countries.

Concurrent with steadily increasing signal frequencies HF and microwave antennas get more and more important for applications such as broadband transmission links, radar remote sensing / navigation, and wireless transfer of high data rates. Most actual developments like satellite and mobile communications are strongly expanding all over the world. Miniaturized antenna sensor arrays support novel techniques of detection of earth resources, control of soil / water contamination, robotics, etc.

  • Maxwell's equations, retarded potentials - Hertzian dipole, near- / farfield radiation - antenna pattern, beamwidth; radiation resistance, gain; equivalent circuit model - electric / magnetic dipole, duality

  • Linear antennas: half / full wave dipole, l/4-monopole; crossed dipoles; mxn-dipole arrays / pattern synthesis - antenna input impedance, feeding networks, matching - phased arrays / beam sweeping; radiation coupling, reciprocity; Yagi-antenna (TV) - broadband antennas / axial radiators - 2 movie demonstrating development of radiation field structures

  • Reflector antennas, parabolic / Cassegrain - aperture antennas (horn, slot), microwave lens antennas / focusing - antennas as elmg. sensors / scanning

  • Radiative transfer relation / radar equation (e. g. satellite communication links, SNR); ground / atmospheric scattering, depolarization effects, attenuation

  • Microstrip / patch antennas, coplanar arrays - strip / slot line feeding, multi-layer substrate integration - applications e. g. remote sensing, security control, robotics

  • Computer-aided antenna design, optimization of amplitude / phase distribution - antenna measurement techniques, two-channel test / reference concept; pattern / gain calibration - 2 experimental demonstrations for radiation pattern and input impedance in anechoic chamber

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